Outdoors - Bush Kindy and Nature Play


Outdoor Education and Nature Play Bush Kindy

We are a Nature Play Queensland approved centre, classified as a Bush Kindy. This space boasts a large array of shady trees, natural grass with decorative and vegetable gardens, a digging patch, a covered sand pit, as well as a yarning circle, with small intimate spaces throughout the yard. 

Our outdoor environment has been designed to promote Nature play. Nature Play can be described as unstructured free play in a natural environment. Every day the children are free to explore the environment finding natural resources (loose parts) to use in their play, discover animals and insects that share our space, create unique play scenarios based on their ideas, and enjoy the freedom of being a child in a natural space. 

As a centre, we recognise the increasing need for children to increase physical activity and have explored many ways to include a wide variety of physical activities in our wonderful natural environment. We provide a wide variety of physical activities that enhance children’s brain and overall development. These experiences help build concentration, balance, risk assessment, perseverance, self-confidence and fun. We share a commitment to a sustainable future to ensure our future generations can enjoy and benefit from the environment for years to come.

For additional information visit the Nature Play Qld website.


We found Everton Park Child Care Centre to be very professional and very approachable. Answered all questions thoroughly