Kindy 4


Kindy 4 ( 3 – 5yrs )

We provide daily opportunities to learn in both the indoor and outdoor environments and believe that learning can occur through many different types of play experiences. We encourage children to become actively involved in their own learning by exploring each child’s developing interests and value family input in our program.

We help the children to develop independence in their self-help skills to prepare them for their transition to school. We offer support and guidance to families regarding their child's development.

We use the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines as a guide for our curriculum. Through spontaneous and planned experiences we ensure we:

  • Provide open ended creative experiences that allow children to succeed in solving problems, persistence, choice and decision making
  • Provide an environment where the children feel safe, accepted and supported.
  • Foster children’s respect and concern for others and the ability to work or play in small groups as well as larger groups
  • Build an understanding of the environment and the importance of sustainable practices
  • Support and explore ways to promote physical wellbeing, health and safety
  • Explore and expand ways to use language, literacy and numeracy
  • Encourage thinking and research skills through exploration and discovery.

In Kindergarten your child will engage in the following:

  • Making choices and investigating personal interests
  • Talking with teachers and other children
  • Building friendships
  • Planning the things they make and like to do and following up with the teachers
  • Designing and making things
  • Learning about the environment and how to care for it.
  • Singing, dancing, painting and drawing
  • Investigating the world around them
  • Listening to, acting out and making stories
  • Playing team games.
  • Physical activities
  • Constructing things, (learning and discovering shape, patterns , sizes , measurements, quantity)
  • Questioning and Investigating, and so much more…

The service was outstanding - exceeded all my expectations