We employ a full time cook/meals manager to provide healthy and nutritious meals prepared onsite for the children whilst attending the centre. We offer an 11 day rotational menu that is updated seasonally using fresh ingredients. This service uses information from Feed Australia, a world leading nutritional education and preventative health initiative to help guide us to ensure we are providing well balanced and nutritious meals every day.

We use fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from local suppliers. Our Cook also works closely with our Outdoor Educator and the children to decide what vegetables and herbs are to be planted in the garden. Once grown and harvested, these are used in the meals for the children.

This creates many discussions with the children about healthy eating and the benefits of healthy food for our bodies and growth.

The children are actively involved in the meals and discussing the ingredients in the food and assist with meal preparation.

The Brisbane City Council monitors this centre’s kitchen operations annually and has given it the ‘Eat Safe Brisbane’ 5 Stars rating.

The service was outstanding - exceeded all my expectations