Pre Kindy 2


Pre Kindy 2 ( 2 - 3 years )

In our Pre-Kindy 2 room, our children continue to experience warm and loving relationships with educators and peers. This provides children with a secure and inviting environment which fosters learning through play based activities as well as an environment where Educators can continue to scaffold the children’s interests and abilities into meaningful learning opportunities.

Our day involves time both indoors and outdoors to provide the children with rich learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum while using different environments.

Our love for the outdoor environment provides the children with opportunities to build an understanding of how to care for our animals, gardens and helps embed an understanding of the importance of sustainable practices, along with plenty of physical activity for growing bodies.

Children of this age begin to form friendships with their peers, further develop their independence and toilet train. The children also continue to develop their self-help and communication skills.

We value and encourage family and community involvement in order to form effective partnerships with our community.

We found Everton Park Child Care Centre to be very professional and very approachable. Answered all questions thoroughly