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Building Stronger Connections & Knowledge

We are committed to increasing awareness and education of indigenous heritage to all members of our childcare community at Everton Park Child Care.

We do this by the inclusion of our daily ‘Acknowledgement of Country’, displaying the Torres Strait Is and the Indigenous Australian Flags in our garden and in each room. We include teaching children about the importance of caring and respecting our land and all that live in and on it.  We endeavour to make our centre culturally safe for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander families, so they feel comfortable leaving their children with us for the day.

We bring indigenous education into everyday activities and continually seek information and knowledge so we can all continue to build stronger connections and knowledge about our first Australians.  

We actively work to reduce prejudice by providing rich learning experiences that strengthen knowledge and understanding, encouraging inclusion, and fosters a community that celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Kindy Kids Artwork In Our Outdoor Cafe

In 2020 we updated our Café Servery, this is the story behind the Indigenous art piece created by the children in 2020.

During NAIDOC week celebrations the Kindy children worked with Miss Natalie to update the top of our meal servery in our outdoor café.

The artwork is a celebration of the children’s learning during their time here at Everton Park Child Care and Development Centre.  This journey is even more significant as they children are about to leave the centre and move on to school to continue their learning journey.  

The art piece incorporates some of the components of Aboriginal art and symbolism that we have explored extensively during the children’s time here.

The very centre of this art piece is an Aboriginal symbol for meeting place, surrounded by Aboriginal symbols for children learning. This represents our centre and the place where we meet as a community to learn every day.  

The paths running from the corners of the tabletop to the centre is an Aboriginal symbol for long journey and is again surrounded by children learning. This is symbolic of us all: children, families and educators being lifelong learners. You will notice that there are footprints coming into the meeting place as well as moving on. This is a celebration of all the learning that has already occurred in the past; that every person who is a part of our centre community brings with them their own unique set of knowledge and skills to be shared.

The footsteps then lead away as each person moves forward in life and continues their learning journey. The leaves are to symbolize our centre philosophy of learning from nature – a philosophy we hope each member of our community will continue to embrace as they move forwards.

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