Nutritionally Prepared Meals

As you enter Everton Park Child Care and Development Centre each morning you are met with the delicious aroma of nutritionally prepared meals in the kitchen. This provides a warm welcome to everyone and adds to our homely atmosphere of the centre.

All our meals are cooked on site by our full time Chef (Commercial Cookery qualification). We offer a 14 day rotational menu that is updated seasonally using fresh ingredients. This ensures that different meals are served on different days of the week.

Our Chef is dedicated to ensuring we meet all the nutritional requirements for children and stays informed using advice and information from Feed Australia, Nutrition Australia to ensure all meals provided are well balanced and meet the children’s nutritional needs whilst also providing a delicious meal.  

5 Stars

The children are actively involved in meal prep each day where they are encouraged to discuss the ingredients used and how these change in appearance once the meals are fully prepared. Children are fully engaged and willingly try a variety of foods. This helps them develop healthy attitudes to food and extends upon their knowledge and understanding and forms a tangible example of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning in action.  

Fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from local suppliers, and when possible, we use vegetables and herbs that the children have grown in their garden under our Outdoor Educator’s guidance. This also provides more opportunities for the children to discuss healthy eating and the benefits of healthy food for our bodies’ growth.

The Brisbane City Council monitors this centre’s kitchen operations annually and has given it the ‘Eat Safe Brisbane’ 5 Stars rating.


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6.30am to 6.30pm, 52 weeks per year
Closed only for public holidays


25 Halle St,
Everton Park QLD 4053

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Open Hours Phone: 07 3355 7844
Out of hours emergency: 0414 335 744

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Here your family has an opportunity to share in friendship, security and fun during your child’s formative years. You want your child’s transition from home to childcare gentle and comforting, with staff trained to carefully assist each child to become confident and happy in starting at Everton Park Child Care & Development Centre. That’s the Everton Park Child Care difference.

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